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Frequently Asked Questions for Selecting a New Sewage System

Here are six questions to consider when selecting a new sewage system.

1) Will the Installer obtain a permit and provide you with an Inspection Report?

Make sure that the Installer performing work on your property is an Alberta Certified Installer. You are entitled to a copy of the Permit and Inspection Report from the permitting agency. A copy of the Permit and Inspection Report may be required if and when you sell the property.

2) Was a site evaluation performed?

A proper site evaluation requires a visit to the site by a Certified Installer to examine the site conditions and determine the type and size of the system you need.

3) Was the underlying soil analyzed to identify soil layers that affect system performance and was it determined that there are no saturated soil conditions present that can harm the system?

The soil under the surface can change rapidly. A thin soil layer below the bottom of your system can prevent or slow the sewage effluent soaking into the soil, making the system fail. Soils saturated with water during parts of the year can also cause a system to fail.

4) Were other types and designs of systems provided?

A number of technologies are available and there is usually more than one solution for sewage treatment at a site. Each offers advantages and disadvantages. Know what these are and pick the system that best suits your needs.

5) Have the specific characteristics of your home been considered in the design of your system? Has your Installer requested information to determining what is the “Expected Volume of Sewage per Day” being used?

In the Standard of Practice 2015, an installer should be able to allow for the minimum volumes specified in the SOP 2015 based on the number of bedrooms. However, if your home has features beyond a standard house, it will be important to provide this information for proper design flow criteria. For example, a home based business, daycare services, hobbies like brewing beer or wine, water softener or purifier, RO system, and so forth. Please make every effort to inform your installer if any of these features are in your home as additional volumes should be included.

6) Have you requested for more than one quote?

Getting multiple quotes is always recommended. When comparing quotes, be sure to closely review what each Installer is proposing, especially if the price is very different. Be sure to ask questions and inquire why there are differences in the quote. Be very comfortable with the answers your Installer gives before making the decision to hire.